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Product Name:Computerized Pipe Hydrostatic Burst Testing Machine
Product Detailed:


Suitable for the hydrostatic and burst test PVC, PP-R, PE-X, PPB, and aluminum plastic composite pipe, steel  plastic complex pipe material.

Standard  The technical specifications and test method fully conforms to technical requirements of following  National and International Standards ISO1167, GB/T6111-2003, GB/T15560-1995, GB/T18476-2001, ASTM D1598, ASTM D1599, ISO9080, ISO13479, EN921, GB18252-2000, CJ/T108-1999 and  ASTM F1335


Technical Specifications

Pressure Capacity                         Maximum 16Mpa (Range 0-16MPa)

Max. pipe diameter                        φ 630 mm

Number of test route                     6  (Each test routes’ pressure is different)

Accuracy of pressure                    ≤ 1%

Pressure resolution                      0.001MPa

Accuracy of constant pressure      -1% ~+2% 

Constant temperature range         RT-95℃

Temperature resolution           0.1℃

Temperature accuracy                 ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity                        ≤ 0.5℃

Time range                                   1S~9999h59m59s

Frequency of sampling                 20Hz

Rate of loading                             minimum 0.01Mpa/s

Timer display accuracy                 ≤ 1s

Electricity power                        For pressure control single phase, 220V, 1.5Kw

                                        For temperature control three phases 380V, 18Kw

Pump capacity                 10L/min

Dimension of water tank         600×450× 800 (for specimen OD Max. diameter ≤Ф110 mm)

Total net weight                        450Kg


Standard Configuration

1. Pressure control system (06 routes)                   01 set (including the following)

Pressure station                                      01set

Electro-magnetic valve (Germany origin)                02 pcs per route

Pressure transducer                           01 pc per route

High precision pressure micro-control processor              01 pc per route

2. Test control system (PLC + touch screen)             01 set

3. Temperature sensor (PT100)                      01 set

4. Constant temp. water tank and temperature controller (RT-95℃)  01 set

  Heating unit                                   01 set

  Circulating pump                                                      01 set

5. Test Software (English version)                               01 set

6. Standard Accessories and parts

Cables and pipes                                             01 set

Install grips tool                            01set

Clamping devices with diameter  16 , 20 , 25 , 32 , 40 , 50 , 63 , 75 , 90 & 110 mm 01 set each



Optional Parts /Accessories

1.    Clamping devices for different size of pipes (Diameter: φ16, φ20, φ25,φ32, φ40, φ50, 63, 75, φ90, φ110, φ125, φ140, φ160, φ180, φ200, φ225, φ250, φ315, φ355, φ400, φ450, φ500, φ560, φ630mm or bigger size(Customized).

2.    Constant Temp. water tank with other capacity

3.    Chiller (for temperature lower than room temperature control)


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