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Product Name:Melt Flow Index Tester
Product Detailed:

XNR-400B Melt flow index tester is used to determine the melt mass-flow (MFR), the melt volume-flow rate ( MFV ) and the melt density of thermo resin,it is not only fit for the engineering plastics of polycarbonate, nylon and fluorine plastics, etc, whose melt temperature are higher,but also fit for the plastics tests of polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin and polyformaldehyde resin, etc, whose melt temperature are lower, it is widely applied to the fields of plastics materials, product, petrochemical, etc. It is also widely adopted by laboratories of colleges, scientific research unit and quality inspection department.

XNR-400B Melt flow index is designed and manufactured according to the latest standards of GB and ISO; The tester features of compact structure,beautiful design,easy operation advanced and reliable performance. It adopts the standard module combination structure,it can be upgraded and changed the type directly,in order to maintain the advance of the accurate testing machine synchronously. The apparatus confirms to the requirements of National and International standards--GB 3682, ISO 1133, ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364, DIN 53735, UNI-5640 , JJB878, and made according to JB/T5465《Technical Standard of Melting Flow Rate Instrument》.

The tester adopts PID temperature control, digital display, it can cut material manual or automatically according to users’ option, consists of 02 measuring methods, MFR and MVR.


Main Technical Specifications

Display         Digital (LCD)

Measuring range:          0. 01-800.00 g/10min(MFR)

0. 01-800.00 cm3/10min(MVR)

Temperature range                 RT-450

Temperature precision      ±0.2     resolution:0.1℃

Temperature fluctuation    ±0.3℃

Temperature uniformity    ±0.3

Displacement resolution     0.01mm

Timing range              0-9999S resolution 1S (or 0-999.9S, resolution 0.1S, adjustable)

Time of recovering temperature after changing testing samples   ≤4 min

Heating up time(from room temperature to 450℃):              ≤30 min

Material canister inside diameter 9.550±0.025mm       length: 160mm

Piston diameter          9.457±0.01mm   mass:106g

Mould inside diameter    2.095mm±0.005mm   length: 8±0.025mm

Load:  full load (Max. 22Kg)

Base weight      0.325Kg.

Standard Weights:0.875Kg,0.960Kg,1.290Kg,1.835Kg,3.475Kg,4.675Kg,5.000Kg

Loading accuracy:            ±0.5%

Cleaning accessories:        clear material pole

Calibration accessories:       water level bubble

Measuring method:           MFR/ MVR/ DENSITY

Power Supply:               220V±10% 50Hz , 550W

Overall dimensions ( Lx WxH) 350x 500x 650 mm

Gross / Net weight:           98 /63Kg

Operation condition and environment:

Room temperature range       10℃~40℃

Relative humidity                       ≤80%


Standard Delivery

Mainframe                                     01 set

Base weight (325g)                        01 pc

Weight                                         07 pcs

Piston                                           01 pc

Mould (2.095mm)                            01 pc

Oriented sheath                             01 pc

Water level bubble                           01 pc

Hopper                                          01 pc

Clear material pole                           01 pc

Material receiving plate                     01 pc

Power cable                                   01 pc


Optional Parts / Accessories


Computer system (Lenovo Latest brand with 19” LCD monitor)      


Addr:1044 Building No. 5, Zhumuchang Xiaoqu, Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, 101101 Beijing P.R. China  Tel:086-10-51249519    
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