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Product Name:Digital Universal Hardness Tester
Product Detailed:

This multiple-function hardness tester is suitable for measuring Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and hard alloys as well as some hard plastic materials. It can be used in the factories, scientific research institutes, laboratories of universities and colleges.

The specifications fully conform to National and International Standards: GB/T 230.2, GB/T 231.2, GB/T 4340.2, ISO6508-2, ISO6507-2, ISO6506-2, ASTM E18, ASTM E10 and ASTM E92

Technical Specifications

Measuring range                       8-650HBW, 70-85HRA, 30-100HRB, 20-67HRC, 14-1000HV

Preliminary load                        98.07N (10Kg)

Test load:  For Brinell                     306.5N(31.25Kg), 612.9N(62.5Kg), 1839N(187.5Kg) 

For Rockwell        588.4N(60Kg), 980.7N(100Kg), 1471N(150Kg)

For Vickers            294.2N(30Kg), 588.4N (60Kg) 980.7N(100Kg)

Readout of hardness value              LCD digital display

Operation mode                        automatic loading, duration and unloading

Magnification of microscope     37.5x, 75x

Min. reading value (HR)            0.1

Measuring accuracy                  ±0.1HR(for Rockwell),  ±2.5% (for Brinell)

                                                 ±2% (for Vickers)

Load dwell time                         1-60 seconds

Data output                               complete with built-in microcomputer and RS232 interface

Max. height of test piece          180mm (For Rockwell)

                                                 135mm (Brinell and Vickers)

Depth of throat                         140mm

Power supply                            220V AC, 50Hz

Dimensions                               463 x 215 x 700mm

Net weight                                75kg

Standard Accessories

   Large flat anvil                                     1 pc.

   Medium flat anvil                                 1 pc.

   V-notch anvil                                       1 pc.

  Rockwell steel ball indenter                Φ1.588mm   1pc

   Diamond Rockwell indenter(120º)      1 pc.

   Diamond Vickers indenter(136º)         1pc.

   Brinell indenter(Carbide Alloy)             Φ2.5, Φ5mm  1 pc. Each

  Brinell standardized block                    1 pc.

Rockwell (HRB) block                             1 pc.

Rockwell (HRC) block                      2 pcs.

Vickers standardized block                     1 pc.

Power cable                                     1pc

Dust-proof cover                                    1pc

Microscope base                             1 pc.

Eyepiece(15X)                                 1 pc

Lens (2.5X, 5X)                              1pc each

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