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Product Name:Vacuum Induction Melting Atomizer
Product Detailed:

Applications & Features

Model VMA-30 vacuum induction melting atomizer is mainly used for production metal and alloy powders which could not be produced in the air or water atomizing. It features of advanced technology, stable and liable.

·           The system is complete with security protection circuit, over-temperature, water-shortage, vacuum abnormal, over-voltage alarm protection (both light and sound alarm).

·           The system overcomes segregation in the production.

Design & Manufacturing Standard

JB/T 10551-2006 (Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace)

JB/T 10551-2006 (Vacuum Sintering Furnace)

GB 4064-83, GB/T 3926-1983, JB/T8669-1997 (Mid-frequency Induction Power)

Main Structure

Model VMA-30 vacuum induction melting atomizer consists of melting furnace, vacuum holding furnace, Vacuum system, atomizing system, gas filling/exhausting system, Electric control system, hydraulic system, water cooling system, mid-frequency induction power, dust-collection device etc.

Vacuum Melting Furnace

Designed and manufactured fully as the technical requirements of vacuum container. Consists of furnace body, cover, lifting device, temperature measuring unit, induction coils, tilting unit etc.

The furnace body adopts double-layer structure(internal diameter of chamber: 1000mm) . Between the two layers distributed with cooling water. The materials of internal layer is stainless steel, while external layer materials is carbon steel.

Vacuum Holding Furnace

It is the container to load molten metal. Complete with heating unit and temperature measuring unit.

Vacuum system

Including rotary pump (Model 2X-70, 01 No.) , roots pump (Model ZJP-600, 01 No.) diffusion pump (Model KT-400, 01 No. )as well as high vacuum flapper valve, vacuum gauges, manometer and piping assembly etc.

Atomizing system

Including atomizing chamber, spray nozzle, high-pressure tubes, valves etc. The materials of internal wall of atomizing chamber is stainless steel, and external shell materials is carbon steel, between the internal wall and external shell distributed with water cooling system.

Electric control system (Conforms to IEC standard)

PLC control (programmable controller, touch-screen operating, temperature controller and meters, automatic air-switch, AC contactor, indicating light, alarm unit and buttons etc.)

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic unit is used to drive furnace tilting and furnace cover lifting.

Water cooling system

Including water distributor, piping assembly, gauges and valves, water collector, water source etc. The system is complete with temperature, pressure and flow rate measuring unit and alarm (both sound and light) unit to monitor the cooling water to protect the whole  system.

Gas filling/exhausting system

To insert gases into the atomizing chamber, consisting of valves and high-pressure hoses etc.

Mid-frequency electric power

It is used to provide mid-frequency current for melting metals and alloys.

Dust collecting device

It is used to collect powder dust during atomizing production. It is complete with cyclone and dust collecting tank (02 Nos). Equipped with water cooling unit and trolley car.

Main Technical Specifications

Production capability                  4000-5000Kg/year

Melting capacity                        30Kg/batch

Melting power                           100 kW

Power of temp. holding              50kW

Size of finished powder               average 45μm

Oxygen contents                      ≤100ppm

Powder shape                           spherical

Max. Melting temperature           1750

Temperature uniformity              ±5

Heating mode                           Mid-frequency induction

Induction frequency                   2500Hz

Materials of atomizing chamber     Stainless steel (304)

Ultimate vacuum pressure           5.0×10-3Pa (5x10-5mBar, empty at room termperature)

Working vacuum pressure           5.0x10-2Pa (5x10-4mBar, empty at room termperature)

Pressure rising rate                     ≤4.0Pa/h

Vacuum pumping time                ≤30min (from atmosphere status to vacuum status)

Pressure of atomizing nozzle         0-6.0MPa (adjustable)

Control mode                             PLC

Operating Interface                    Touch screen

Capacity of powder collection       50Kg

Cooling water flow rate               8-12 m3/Hr

Working Conditions (User Prepare)

Power supply       AC 380V, 3 phases, 50Hz

Total power        210 kW

Water                Consumption             8-12 m3/h

                         Pressure                   0.2~0.4 MPa

                         Inlet temp.               ≤35

Lifting facility        3000Kg 

Pneumatic source       Pressure 0.4-0.8 MPa   1 set (for pneumatic valves)

                               Max. Pressure 1.0MPa  1 set (for gas filling to furnace)

                               Max. Pressure 6.0MPa  1 set (for gas filling to atomizing nozzle)

Standard Configuration

1.    Melting furnace                          1 set

2.    Vacuum holding furnace              1 set

3.    Vacuum system                         1 set

4.    Atomizing system                       1 set

5.    Gas filling/exhausting system        1 set

6.    Electric control system                1 set ( Siemens S7-200 controller + 15” MCGS touch screen)

7.    Hydraulic system                        1 set

8.    Water cooling system                 1 set (inlet temp. ≤35, outlet temp. ≤55)

9.    Mid-frequency induction power    1 set (100KW, 2500Hz, for melting)

10.  Mid-frequency induction power    1 set (50KW, 4000Hz, for holding)

11.  Dust-collection device                 1 set

12.  Frame and working platform         1 set

13.  Tool kits (for maintenance and service)         1 set


Spare Parts

1)  Thermocouple              2 Nos

2)  Vacuum gauge             2 Nos.

3)  Auto air switch             3 Nos.

4)  AC Contact                  2 Nos.

5)  Intermediate relay        3 Nos.

6)  Button switch              3 Nos.

7)  Ceramic insulation         1 Set

Addr:1044 Building No. 5, Zhumuchang Xiaoqu, Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, 101101 Beijing P.R. China  Tel:086-10-51249519    
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