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Product Name:Automatic Grinding/Polishing Machine
Product Detailed:

Main Features

*  Mechanical loading, Digital display rotational speed

* Load force and sampling time is adjustable

*  The speed of polishing/grinding disk has 2 modes (2-step stationary or stepless regulation)

*  Main shaft of power head with stepless speed adjustable

*  Beautiful and durable ABS crust and stainless steel standard pieces, rustless forever

* Quick change polishing disk design, multiple specimen holders (max. 06 samples)

* Large volume abrasive automatically dispensing system

*  Complete with one-key restore program function

Technical Specifications

 Speed of polishing disc   50-600rpm (stepless) or 150rpm, 300rpm(two steps stationary speed)

 Load range                     1-200N

Sampling time range             0-999 seconds

Diameter of polishing disk               Φ250mm

Max. diameter of sample           30mm

Power supply                       220v 50Hz

Overall dimension                    660 x 380 x640mm

Net. Weight                         45kg


Standard Delivery

Main unit (Model  ZMP-1000)     1 set

In and out water pipes                 1 each

Quick change polishing disc           2 pcs

Flatter                                 1 pc


1.    Abrasive Paper (Sic)

2.  Synthetic Fiber flock bound to a PVC adhesive backing

3.  Soft Synthetic flock bound to woven cotton PSA backing

4.  Alumina Powder (5 μm, 1 μm, 0.5 μm)

5.  Alumina paste (5 μm, 1 μm, 0.5 μm)

6.    Diamond paste (5 μm, 1 μm, and 0.5 μm)

Addr:1044 Building No. 5, Zhumuchang Xiaoqu, Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, 101101 Beijing P.R. China  Tel:086-10-51249519    
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