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Product Name:Ring-Stiffness Universal Testing Machine
Product Detailed:

This series of testing machine is mainly used to test the ring stiffness of all kinds of thermal-plastic and fiber-glass pipes. Complete with tensile test device and bending test device, it can also perform tensile test and bending test for metal, non-metal & compound materials. It is widely adopted by plastic pipes manufacturing industries, petrol-transportation field, water feeding and draining fields, scientific research institutes and universities. It is ideal equipment for quality control and supervision.


Standard: Conforms to the technical requirements of standards: GB/T 1040, 1041, 8804, 9341, 9647, 17200, GB16491, ISO7500-1, ISO5893, ASTM D638, 695, 790, EN13476

Main Technical Features

l  Loop-close servo control load, deformation and displacement

l  Wide test speed adjustment range ---0.01mm/min-500mm/min

l  Automatic save test initial condition, test results and coordinating point

l  Manual or automatic reset load, deformation and displacement

l  Protection functions at over-load, over-current, over-voltage, less-voltage, over-temperature and mechanical limit switch, programmable switch

l  Automatic stop when test is over or sample broken.

l  Crosshead can return initial position automatically after test finished

l  Multiple test control modes: constant load, displacement, and deformation.

l  Real-time display load, displacement, elongation and test curves according to user’s option

l  Self-diagnostic malfunctions during test

l  Peak-value holding-up, during the test, the peak value shall be displayed on the screen.

l  Test curves can be magnified at some sections for detailed observation and analysis.

l  Test data and test report can be recalled at any time for user’s analysis.

Technical Specifications

Model                                           WDW-50H

Load frame structure            Floor type

Load capacity                                50KN

Load measuring range:          0.4%~100%FS

Load accuracy                                ≤±1%

Loading Speed                 0.01-10%FS/s

Loading speed accuracy        ≤±1% of setting value

Displacement resolution               0.001mm

Test speed range                         0.01-500mm/min

Speed control accuracy                ≤±1% at 0.01-10mm/min, ≤±0.5% at 10-500mm/min

Max. tensile space                        800mm

Compression space                700mm (Max. pipe dia. 500mm)

Size of compression plate       350 x 500mm

Effective test width                      400mm

Power supply                                220V AC, 50Hz, 0.75Kw

Dimensions of load frame             740 x 500 x 2400mm

Weight of load frame                    Approx. 520 Kg

Surrounding conditions: temperature RT~40℃, humidity: 20~80%


Standard Configuration & Accessories

Load frame (50KN)                      1 set

AC Servo Driving system                 1 set

AC servo motor                        1 set

High precision decelerating unit                   1 set

Displacement transducer                 1 pc

Load cell (50kN)                              1 pc

Full-digital Control system              1 set

Computer system:Dell latest brand (Hard disk 500GB, Ram 2.0GB)   1 set

Printer:HP A4 laser Jet (or as user’s option)                            1 set

Software: Teststart (English version, Win2000/XP system)          1 set

Compression test device (compression plate 350 x 500mm)        1 set

Compression extensometer (for internal deformation)             1 set

Tensile Test device with wedge grips                                               1 set

Bending test device (3-point)                                                            1 set

Tool kit                                                       1 set

Optional parts:

Shearing test device

Bending test device (4-point)

Large deformation extensometer

Digital readout unit of load

Addr:1044 Building No. 5, Zhumuchang Xiaoqu, Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, 101101 Beijing P.R. China  Tel:086-10-51249519    
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